• Wandering in the Company of Strangers: Hawaii II

    Wandering in the Company of Strangers: Hawaii II

    June 15-17, 2012 | Honolulu, Hawaii Instructors: Emilio Bañuelos and Elena Carrasco In collaboration with: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa – Outreach College Pacific New Media The emphasis of this workshop is on learning and practicing skills that help photographers document their own families and communities. Workshop sessions are designed for practical use with personalized working critiques centering on the [...]

  • Jennifer Brandon

    Jennifer Brandon

    Knots Jennifer Brandon   Interviewed by Kija Lucas Where does this body of work stem from? We connect to a favorite blanket, pillow, sweater, to our bed. They become a part of our emotional lives and put us at ease when we are distressed. I had been collecting materials and objects with associations to this connection, looking for evidence of their [...]

  • Overpass


    by Toty Antonio Ruggieri

  • Te Quiero Hasta la Luna

    Te Quiero Hasta la Luna

    Even with her strong will and personality, I love her unconditionally, like no other. I know I could survive without my husband, even though I love him. I know he would also be fine without me. But without my daughter, I would be torn to pieces. I can’t even think about it because my eyes well up with tears. I [...]

  • Young Blood: Michigan’s Urban Youth

    Young Blood: Michigan’s Urban Youth

    by Dan Farnum For many recent years the FBI has designated my hometown of Saginaw, Michigan as having the most violent crimes per capita in the country. Flint and Detroit are also frequently listed in the top ten. These photographs investigate the condition of cities and neighborhoods in Michigan after years of economic decomposition. This work documents the people who [...]

  • Sinews


    Mercedes Dorame   Gaps exist in memory, history hangs by threads and anxiety about authenticity and value seeps through the cracks.  Through my work I seek to regenerate to connective tissue of personal and collective meaning to reconstruct a whole.   As part of a Native American tribe from Los Angeles that was once declared extinct by history books, I [...]

  • Christine Elfman

    Christine Elfman

            Anthotype Dress Christine Elfman Interviewed by Kija Lucas What is the role of history in your work both in terms of concept and process? History tells me what a thing is made of, its origins, past, meaning over time.  I am interested in how things are made and where they come from. Many of my projects [...]

  • Beautiful Silence

    Beautiful Silence

    Beautiful Silence There were so many things that stood out for me, but one in particular that stood out was the people and how kind they were. They were not just kind to each other they were also kind to their environment. I feel that having respect for others and your environment is the most important thing in life.

  • India


    India Shane Powers I learned a lot about the vast difference between WORKING in India and TRAVELING for leisure.  I was well-warned of the chaos of India and advised to just give in and go with the flow, which I’m good at.  Traveling was a breeze.  I stayed in seedy little hotels, walked countless miles carrying my DSLR and my [...]

  • David W Johnson

    David W Johnson

    With an Ordinary Movement David W Johnson interviewed by Kija Lucas Where did this body of work stem from? I’d previously been working in series, or progressions of multiple images, as a way of marking the subtle changes in a given environment over time. I would shoot an entire roll of film from a tripod in a fixed location, never [...]