NTP Customer Claims Process

Need help with an NTP claim?

NTP will guide you through the claims process from locating an authorized repair facility to invoicing.

1. Contact NTP

  • Connect with NTP to report a warranty repair before you make any repairs.
  • Email claims@ntp-p2k.com or call 877-950-3200 or use the Repair Facility Self-Service Portal at https://portal.ntp-p2k.com.
  • NTP can recommend a repair facility and may be able to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Contact the Repair Facility

  • Mention your NTP warranty and arrange to have your vehicle inspected and diagnosed.

3. Take Your Vehicle to the Repair Facility

  • Drive to the repair facility if you can safely.
  • If not, have your vehicle towed with your preferred service or one that NTP can provide.*
  • Authorize the facility to diagnose your problem before they start any work.**
  • After diagnosis, the repair facility will call NTP with its findings.

4. NTP Verifies Your Coverage

  • NTP will determine if the equipment failure(s) are covered by your warranty,

5. Your Repair Facility Contacts NTP

  • The facility will send a repair plan with costs to NTP. Pictures may be required.
  • NTP will follow up with written approval to the repair facility.

6. NTP Settles the Claim

  • When the work is complete, the repair facility will send an invoice to NTP to settle the claim.***

*NTP will add a towing allowance to your total approved claim amount if you have towing coverage through NTP. Otherwise, towing charges are your responsibility.

**Charges to diagnose a problem not covered by your NTP warranty are your responsibility.

*** The warranty owner is responsible for paying any claims deductible.

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