Here at Beauty On Park Street we strive to make your waxing treatment a comfortable one. All waxing services are performed using premium quality wax to create the highest of standards the beauty industry has to offer.

Below is the range of waxing services we offer for women at our Sydney CBD beauty salon. Choose from leg waxing, back wax, Hollywood wax, bikini waxing (including Brazilian waxing), eyebrow waxing, underarm waxing, arm and leg waxing. Our beauty salon also offers a range of waxing packages.



Lower half leg  $35
Upper half leg  $40
Three quarter leg  $45
Full leg  $50
Bikini  $25
G string  $35
Brazilian  $55
Half leg + bikini  $55
Full leg + bikini  $65

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Eyebrow  $30
Lip  $15
Eyebrow + lip  $40
Chin  $20
Eyebrow + chin  $40
Eyebrow, lip + chin  $50
Facial sides  $25

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Underarm  $20
Half arm  $25
Full arm  $40

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Half leg + G string  $60
Half leg + brazilian  $80
Half leg, bikini + underarm  $70
Half leg, G string + underarm  $75
Half leg, brazilian + underarm  $95
Full leg + G string  $75
Full leg + brazilian  $95
Full leg, bikini + underarm  $85
Full leg, G string + underarm  $90
Full leg, brazilian + underarm  $110

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Back  $55
Back + top arm  $65
Chest  $55
Chest + stomach  $65
Full leg  $60
Ear hair  $15
Nose hair  $15

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Waxing Sydney

If you're searching for an experienced beautician, Beauty On Park Street provides the best waxing Sydney has to offer. As a trusted beauty salon with a large client list in Sydney, we're the perfect partner if you're searching for high-end hair removal treatments at affordable prices.

For those searching for long-term hair removal treatments in Sydney, our beauty salon’s waxing services are a perfect solution. If you're sick of shaving, waxing allows you to remove hair for an extended period of time – it's one of the most effective self-grooming methods.

So, why is waxing such an effective beauty treatment for hair removal? In just a few minutes, skilled beauticians can entirely remove hair from a specific region on your body.

Unlike shaving, waxing doesn't cause cuts or abrasions to your skin. Aside from reducing irritation, it can also help you avoid ingrown hairs and hair stubble. Waxing will remove hair for four to six weeks – shaved hair often starts growing back in just a couple days.

One of the most popular waxing variations is a Brazilian Wax. A Brazilian Wax is a popular beauty treatment during the summer months – it helps you prepare for wearing bikinis and swimsuits at Sydney beaches.

Our beauticians have experience with all waxing services and variations, we'll consult with you to determine which waxing treatment is most suited to your preferences.

Our beauty salon uses the highest-quality wax on the market for our hair removal services. Not only does this ensure that your wax treatment is effective, but it also makes the process as comfortable as possible. Many of our first-time patients barely notice the procedure.

We prioritise providing a sterile environment for all our beauty treatments. We never re-dip our wax spatulas, which is one of the many measures we undertake to provide industry-leading safety to our clients in Sydney.

Contact us today if you'd like to schedule an appointment for waxing.